Cycle of Knowledge

InstructionsYou have been asked by your administrator to create an article for the early childhood education column of your local newspaper. The article is to be written about a specific age group within your program. You are to explain how the Cycle of Knowledge is implemented in curriculum planning with that age group. Select an age group from below:Birth to TwoThree to FiveIn this assignment, you will create an article that:Explains effective observation techniques to gather information needed for assessment.Provides at least one example of an effective observation technique for your selected age group.Illustrates how observation informs curriculum planning.Provides at least one example of how observation informs curriculum planning for your selected age group.Discusses the purpose of reflection in observation and assessment.Provides at least one example of how you currently or plan to implement reflection in your classroom.Meets the following general requirements:Title for ArticleTyped, double-spaced (approx. 1 full page)Follows the conventions of appropriate grammar, spelling, and writing.

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