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The Problem With Misunderstanding Cheap Research Papers: The Folly of Replacing ‘Cheap’ with ‘Poor’

What is cheap must not necessarily be poor in quality. Getting cheap research papers should never translate to poor research papers. Cost must never jeopardize quality! Here is why. 

Unlike in the production of commercial products, writing a custom research paper cannot be priced on the platform of price. A custom research paper must ascribe to specific requirements, meet a precise criterion, and attain specific features regardless of its cost. The service of creating a custom research paper for you should therefore be a standard exchange whose quality remains concrete regardless of the price imposed. Cheap research papers should therefore never equate to poorly written research papers, but simply research papers that cost less.

Quality as a Mandate: Graphic Illustration  

Imagine this. You are feeling unwell. After two days with a painful chest, you decide to visit your doctor. Once there, the doctor initiates a series of scans and tests to diagnose your condition. He ultimately refers you to a cardio specialist to confirm his fears. Upon further tests, the specialist confirms that you need an operation to correct an anomaly in your cardiovascular system.

Forgive the use of such a graphic example, but it helps illustrate how quality is a mandate for custom research papers. The next step is to evaluate available options of where to go fort your surgical operation, which absent of insurance cover, comes down to the necessary cost. You may have several hospitals available and ready to conduct the operation, but they will all vary in their price.

The fact that they vary in how much they charge does not change what the operation will be, will do, and ultimately attain. Each will conduct a scientifically-validate surgical operation, to correct the anomaly and optimise your health.  Regardless of the cost, the operation procedure will remain standard, and the goal will be identical, choosing a hospital in this case will only be defined by cost, not by the quality of the care you receive.

So too, does the process of getting a custom research paper. The process, requirements, features, and standards remain the same, regardless of pricing. As in healthcare, quality is a mandate for academic papers, whether in cheap research papers or for the highly priced research papers. The bargain is in the price and not in the quality. Quality is a mandate and not an additional benefit or offer.     

Folly of Poor in Cheap

Unfortunately, some companies and academic writers translate cheap to poor quality. To such fanatics, cheap research papers require less effort and meet few requirements. They will give you a paper that is highly plagiarized, disconnected in research, chaotic in format, illogical in flow, stagnant in citations and referencing, abundant in mistypes, and opinionated in arguments. Such a paper lacks any credibility or class as an academic research paper, and whether cheap or expensive, does not qualify as a research paper in any way.

As such, for a paper to attain the standard of a research paper, quality is mandatory, regardless of the price. A writer cannot write a research paper equivalent to its pricing, since, a research paper is and remains a research paper by default, based on its features. How it is priced is irrelevant to how a research paper is created. Cheap research papers are NOT poor research papers, but research papers that cost less. The folly is in bargaining for quality rather than the price.

It will be of no benefit to a student to get a poorly written research paper at a low price. That would be a cheap fail. A research paper is a research paper, full stop. In other words, whatever the price appended to a custom research paper, it must, first, attain the mandatory quality of a research paper. When selecting the company or writer to entrust with your custom research paper therefore, as in the foregoing graphic example of a cardio surgical operation, your consideration of price should not jeopardize or even the determine the quality of the service received, in any way. Quality is a must, but price is negotiable

Absolutes in a Research Paper    

The foregoing conclusive statement needs to be repeated, at least to emphasise its essence, per se. When commissioning for a cheap research paper, optimal scholarly quality as a standard is a MUST but the service-delivery price appended/imposed is always negotiable. What you negotiate for is the price you have to pay to receive the service, but the quality of a research paper you get must remain an absolute. Cheap research papers MUST attain the very features that earmark expensive research papers, period.

Here is why. The writing process, the requirements given by the course instructor, the pivots or anchors of a good research paper, as well as what will be marked upon submission, cannot be deliberated upon based on whether the service is cheap or hefty. A good writer will do the very same thing when writing cheap research papers, as he would when creating highly-priced research papers. A good surgeon will conduct an operation with the same standard premise, regardless of how much the patient was charged!

Be careful, therefore, not to accept cheap for less. There should never be a ‘less’ for a research paper, whether cheap or expensive. Indeed, a research paper, regardless of its price, must attain several absolutes, and mandatorily so, to be a research paper. These absolute features include:

  • Background of an in-depth and comprehensive critical appraisal of recent peer-reviewed literature
  • Accurate integration of in-text citations, quotes and paraphrases
  • Purpose or objective of the research process
  • Originality sand uniqueness
  • Gap in knowledge as the justification of research
  • Credible description of the research procedure that can be replicated for confirmation  
  • A broad assembly of sources in the and reference list
  • Free from grammar, syntax, semantics, spelling, and similar typos
  • 0% of plagiarized text
  • Artistic presentation in structure, format, and illustrations
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