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Cheap Essays for Sale: Outsmarting the Cons for Premium Quality  

Buying a unique, quality and plagiarism-free essay should not cost you an arm. Would you like to outsmart the cons offering cheap essays for sale, and still get a high-end quality essay? Here is the secret.

Welcome to the 21st Century of the cons, and the era of exploitation at its very best. Essay writing has gradually become a goldmine for some websites and agencies, and a mastery field for the cons. While getting a quality essay may be costly, it does not cost half as much as most writing websites charge. Essay writing is perhaps the most rewarding con game for the century! Yet despite the cons, there are some highly reliable and professional writers, and who offer genuine and cheap essays for sale. So how do you differentiate the cons from the angels of grace? It is simple; just stop getting emotional!

Understanding the Cons and the Process

Background to the Con and the Potential Mark

At the core of the matter is a simple, straightforward, and original essay. The essay is the Target Price, which defines the very background upon which the con is executed. You see, the request for the essay is oftentimes triggered by an urgent deadline, and or engagement of the student elsewhere. A group of writers however, are waiting for you. Rather than simply offer you cheap essays for sale, since it only takes them a few hours to create or recreate the paper, they ruin your bank balance with hyper-vengeance. How do they do that?

From the background, they do not care about you or your situation. You are simply the Potential Mark. They only need to drain your bank account for as many dollars as they possibly can. This article will help you get the best possible essay written, at the cheapest price possible. The secret lies in knowing the underlying truth. When all is said and done, being well informed outranks being lucky at all times. Avoid being the victim of the con game, by first understanding the cons. Now, assume the footsteps of the Mark, and see the con is implemented.  

Presentation and Theatrics of the Con: Assimilation

Once a potential mark is attracted, the con game is officially on, and the next stage is assimilation. They have to understand your position, and appear as angels of luck to serve your best needs. They understand your urgency and need to beat the deadline. As such, they exploit your need for a plagiarism-free essay.

They also claim that the essay will be customized exclusively for you, although that claim is debatably a marketing ploy. Given your desperate need and urgency, you fall into the trap of a horrific and exploitative fee. They know what you need, and they offer it with exceptional presentation and theatrics. They understand you so well, you feel, and they are your best available friend at the moment of need. You are now assimilated and the con can begin.  

Flashing the Carrot or Making the Offer

When you place an order for an essay, you are given several guarantees. By that time, you have already graduated from a potential to the Actual Mark. This stage is defined by a marketing pitch, and one creatively used to draw you n. To the cons, the marketing pitch is the Rope. They offer cheap essays for sale, but what you ultimately get is neither cheap nor a quality academic essay, per se. To begin with, and depending on the company or writer, such guarantees include:

  • Plagiarism free essay
  • Timely delivery
  • Original quality exclusively for you
  • Free additional/extra pages (cover page, abstract, reference list, and appendices)
  • Proper citations and referencing
  • Discounted pricing
  • Interactions with the writer
  • Free or discounted revisions etc.

This step of the con is called Making the Offer. Most of these offers are relatively abstract, and others are blatant lies. It is all about the marketing approach used to attract your money. By giving you the guarantees, they make sure that they now have your undivided attention. Please note that they make the offer before telling you the cost. All they need to do is flash a service/product on your face, and show you how well it will serve your needs. Now comes the next step, Humble Appeal.

Making the Appeal and Distracting Your Sanity 

This is where the cons excel, where they make sure that you are no longer thinking. They capitalize on your emotional response given the shiny offer already given. When you as the mark is emotional engaged, salivating for the cheap essays for sale, you are already convinced and thrilled, Now their focus is to make sure your brain remains inactive, and emotions run high.

Humbly, and not imposing, they tell you that you have to pay a small amount to facilitate the offer. The cons must maintain your attention on the offer, and ensure that you do not realize how crazy the price imposed, is. Before you even think about it, or determine of the price is within your budget, or whether the cheap essays for sale deserve such a horrific amount, you have already accepted and they move in for the kill.

The CPP Kill: Algorithmic Opposite of Cheap

The humble offer made by the cons is the ‘small’ price you have to pay to get that golden offer. On average, the CPP (Cost Per Page) required for an essay, in most cases, is defined by several variables, including:

  • Length of the paper (where the longer the paper in terms of pages the lower the CPP)
  • The claimed complexity of the paper (often expressed in the education level from high school, college/undergraduate, and postgraduate levels)
  • Time of delivery (where the shorter the deadline allowed the higher the CPP imposed)
  • The discipline (where most science disciplines evoke unimaginable costs and the CPP reduces for social sciences and downwards towards the humanities)
  • Subject matter
  • Components of the paper (i.e. drawings, figures, tables, charts, calculations, formulaic analysis, and experiments)
  • Nature of the paper (i.e. essay, research paper, dissertation, term paper, thesis, applications, and reviews)

Nonetheless, when all these factors are considered, and supposedly accounted for in the algorithmic calculation, you get what is called a Cost-Per-Page (CPP). CPP is the amount charged for every page of your essay (pricing). That however, is exactly the opposite of what cheap means. If you approve the payment, which most students do without considering the basic tenets of the CPP, the cons have made a Kill, and you are game. You have successfully graduated from a Potential mark, to a Mark, and now to a Game

Secret to Outsmarting the Cons

All you have to do to outsmart the cons is understand the process, and the progressive stages. Getting a high quality essay written and one that is and plagiarism-free, original and exclusively for you, is a standard process that should not be exploitative. However, you have to outsmart the cons who offer cheap essays for sale, yet exploit your emotions.

The secret is avoiding falling victim the emotive process. Maker logical evaluations and critically evaluate the writing process and the final product. Always retain a professional stance as the customer. Once they realize that you are unemotional and consciously logical, you will help eliminate the cons, nature genuine professional writers, and attain nothing less than a high-end quality essay. Now you know

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