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3 Features to Look For Before You Buy Research Papers: What You Must Get

What makes a research paper a research paper? Most of what is now being sold is simply papers without any element of research. Here is what you must get when you buy research papers. Otherwise, you were conned!

Three distinctive features are central in any research paper, regardless of its length or discipline. These three define not only what a research paper should be, but also what it must contain. When you pay for a custom research paper, above everything else, the product MUST be characterized by each of these three features.

The keyword here is MUST. Never ever, buy research papers that fail in any one of these three features, even at the price of a cent. That would not be a research paper, but just a paper! Ideally, a quality research paper must have:

  • Authority and credence
  • Academic Research Premise
  • Standard research-based format and flow  

3 Foundational Features of a Research paper

  • Research Background: Authority

Many a times, students buy research papers that carry with then no scholarly credibility nor authority. A research paper is a report of your research undertaking, meaning that it is the product of what you have already investigated, and finally established. A research paper should not present your feelings, opinions, imaginations, and guesses, but a valid appraisal of available knowledge on a subject.  As such, it is mandatory that a quality research paper should provide the concise description of (a) what you were investigating, (b) why it was important, and (c) what you have established (findings),

You need to proof and back up all of these three elements of the research process in your paper, for it to be a paper. The accurate, comprehensive, and relevantly themed use of peer-reviewed sources gives authority and credibility to your report. By integrating what previous scientific researchers, theorists, scholars, and practitioners have already published (thus the literature review), you credibly transform your statements and arguments into an authoritative report.

You are not the most knowledgeable person in the subject under research, and your opinions lack any credibility among scholars. An in-depth use and integration of in-text citations within the report is therefore is not only important, but also necessary. Do not buy research papers that fail to support its statements, claims, and arguments with credibility and authority. That authority and credibility rests squarely on citations and quotes of previous scholars, researchers, practitioners, and theorists.

  • Research Premise

Extending on the foregoing feature of a research paper is the need to make your research undertaking worthwhile, significant, and or purposeful. The value of your research paper is determined by how well you respond to the following questions, namely:

  • Is your research paper not a repetition of what other scholars have already researched previously?
  • Is the knowledge attained by your research paper useful in any way?
  • Is there any difference in current knowledge (for that area of interest) between the absence and presence of your research report?
  • Do your research findings present any advancement to what is already known?
  • Why should any scholar be interested in your research undertaking?

You should only buy research papers that adequately and convincingly respond to the foregoing list of questions. The paper must show that your research was not a worthless venture that no other scholar bothered with before you, but a valuable input to the application of that knowledge in your field of practice or discipline. The premise of a research paper is therefore the justification and valuation of your findings. A research premise should be established with a three-stage cycle, namely:   

  • Appraisal of current knowledge
  • Evaluation of what should be known
  • Gap in knowledge that the research seeks to fill.

The first step of the three-stage cycle in a research paper should be a detailed critical synthesis of peer-reviewed literature on what is currently known on the topic under research. This step yields what is commonly referred to as current knowledge or currently available knowledge.

Thereafter, the research paper should determine what should be known but is absent from current knowledge on your topic. The report underscores the significance of what should already be known, but has not yet been established by previous scholarship and research.

Thirdly and finally, if you buy research papers that are worth their name, they should be based on a gap of knowledge. This stage affirms the value, significance, and relevance of the research paper and its findings. The stage is covered by a brief section of ‘Justification of Findings’ in the research paper, where what is known is contrasted by what should be known, thus revealing a gap in current knowledge. Ultimately, a good research paper should have a convincing justification of its (a) role, (b) value, and (c) contribution into you field of study.  

  • Standard Format and Flow

In resonance with the foregoing features of a quality research paper, it is also important to have the standard symmetry of a scientific research process in your paper. You should not start the paper with a summary of your findings, and then venture into a justification of your research findings, before providing an in-depth background of what is already known on the subject. The paper must describe the research process in terms of:

  • Background of what is already known
  • Purpose/objective of the research undertaking (to fill the gap in knowledge)
  • Description of the research process (how the research was conducted)
  • Presentation of research findings attained
  • Conclusion, applications, and recommendations of the research findings

The research paper must there adopt this standard format and flow of any scientific research process, and which represents the acceptable structure of journal articles, dissertations and thesis. If in its brevity, the research paper fails to adopt this structure, then it fails to attain a critical quality of any academic research report.


The foregoing sections have reviewed the three critical features that every research paper MUST have. Only buy research papers that incorporate authority and credence, valid research premise, and standard format and flow. Is any of these three features is missing, what you buy will therefore not be a research paper but just a paper. Always remember that, authority, premise, and format constitute your three-point evaluation mantra for a research paper. Now you know.  

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