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When You Buy Essay for Cheap: The Cost -Quality Bargain

The cost of an academic paper may be a reflection of its quality. Then again, maybe not. You can make a massive cost-quality bargain when you buy essay for cheap at

Like in the purchase of any service or good, the cost has an almost proportional influence of the quality. In most cases, the cheaper the price, the lower the quality. A low-priced automobile has only a few basic features. The cost and quality bargain is therefore a significant consideration when you are purchasing a good or service. As detailed below, therefore, you should always know that we have your pocket in mind when we encourage you to buy essay for cheap at .

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Quantifying the Cost: What Is in the Price?

At, essay pricing is reasonably determined. When a company or writer is determining the price appended to your essay, there are several factors under consideration. While the amount attributed to each of these factors determines the difference between companies and writers, some of the factors are not quantifiable. To exemplify this point, we pose this question: how much can a company charge for in-depth literature review backed by a comprehensive set of peer-reviewed sources published in the last 3 years?

What makes that price any different from a normal literature review? How do you establish the difference in terms of cost? Now consider that all companies will base their fee on a Cost-Per-Page algorithm. Every company will calculate the number of pages using the number of words, which varies between 250 and 275 words for a single page. Regardless of the price they charge for the page, the total price asked for every company will be based on the number of words. That, however, is the only constant thing about what is similar among writers of companies offering academic writing services.

As such, when you are buy essay for cheap, the only thing similar between two companies will be the CPP. In most cases, nothing else will be similar. Their approaches will differ, their standards will be worlds apart, and the quality of the essay you receive, will not be equivalent. What money cannot quantify, consequently, is what matters most in an essay. Among many others mandated at, the priceless features of a premium essay must always include:

  1. Following the essay requirements and instructions with absolute devotion
  2. Creating information value rather than a number of words
  3. Integration of in-depth literature backing from recent peer-reviewed academic sources (for both in=-text citations and references)
  4. Remaining within the -+10% of word limits
  5. Creating a flowing, connected, and comprehensive essay structure (introduction, thesis statement, body, restatement of thesis, and conclusion)
  6. Appropriate diction and language choice appropriate for and relevant to the discipline and or course

Elevating Quality above Price

Following from the foregoing therefore, it is evident that unlike us, most academic writing service providers, be it a company or an independent writer, determine their pricing based on very abstract factors. How do you price information value instead of words? That is a mandatory requirement and not an added advantage. If such a feature was used to increase the CPP charged, or if a company opted to be cheap and omit such a critical feature in your essay, then you would get a raw deal. fortunately, at, we always put quality before number of words .

Any company that decides to charge cheaply and avoid what must always be in a good essay is selling you a one-way ticket to failure. Whether you buy essay for cheap CPPs or otherwise, giving you a poor essay is conning you stiff. Comparatively, the company that charges you exploitatively to do exactly what they should always do for an essay is defrauding you. Evidently, therefore, quality should never be an additional offer for an essay. Quality is a must, a bare necessity, and mandatory requirement. That should not factor in the pricing matrix.

At, your essay will primarily attain optimal quality, as the first requirement of being an essay. Whether you buy essay for cheap, or pay heavily for the same type of essay, quality should not be a bargaining chip. Let the prices differ, but not the quality. A doctor is a doctor regardless of their consultation price. No doctor will treat you for Asthma when you have a cold just because he or she is cheap. Neither will an elite doctor diagnose you with an expensive brand of tuberculosis rather than just tuberculosis because he is from Harvard. The diagnosis must remain unquestionably accurate, regardless of the pricing.

Exemplification: Pricing Quality

One prominent rancher in Eastern Texas made an empire for beef sales. He had the animals that could oversupply the region’s retail chains. His pricing was, however, exploitative. He offered a reliable high-end quality, delivered to customers’ doorstep in a timely manner, but at a price. A new entrant into the beef industry launched a competitive campaign by reducing the prices charged. With good marketing, he was almost successful, until one fatal morning.  

For whatever reason, a specialist decided to test a piece of steak delivered from the new competitor. Within no time, the steak was in a government laboratory, and without warning, it was used to secure some search warrants. By the end of that Thursday, the local police had uncovered a man whose slaughterhouse was as smelly as it was unhygienic. For the reduced price, Texans had enjoyed months of refrigerated carcasses not worth to feed stray dogs. It does not matter what the price asked for the beef was, what matters is whether it should have been sold in the first place.


The foregoing example illustrates why when you buy essay for cheap prices, its quality should not be part of the bargain. It must first be a good essay, before even considering the price. Understand the essential basic features of a good essay, before you start determining the price you are willing to pay for it. You can your failure cheaply, or simply a competitively prices premium essay. At, you do not just buy essay for cheap or exaggerated prices. You simply buy a premium essay first for a distinction, long before you realize just how cheap it really was. 

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