Sociology Homework


I want a paragraph that answer this question ( Discuss (and provide evidence) concerning socialization as a lifelong process.)


Socialization as a Lifelong Process

Socialization should be viewed as a lifelong process since it commences during infancy and continues throughout the person’s lifetime. During infancy, parents and their infants interact very often; for example, parents respond to their infants’ requests for food and a change of diapers. With time, the infants learn what to expect from those around them as well as how to communicate their needs whenever the expectations are not met. This complex interaction triggers an action-reaction cycle of gestures as well as verbal and non-verbal exchanges with the infant’s “society”. As children continue to be socialized, they gain knowledge on which behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not. For example, boys are groomed into developing character traits similar to their fathers and other male members of society. This indoctrination triggers a lifelong process of social adjustment. For this reason, parents who fail to provide consistent socialization and proper care to their children at an early age end up damaging their ability to engage in effective social interactions during later stages in life. Moreover, this explains the role of the family as the most powerful socialization force. Grandparents, parents, and siblings all work in harmony to expose infants and children to the social skills, values, attitudes, and behavior that they consider acceptable. On the other hand, both environmental and personal factors also determine socialization (Featherman and Lerner 675). This means that different people go through different socialization-related experiences depending on their personalities and the environments in which they live. For example, young children who watch too many television programs that portray violence in a positive light are likely to become violent adults. Once they engage in violence as society devises a way of socializing them into shunning violence. This demonstrates that socialization is a lifelong process.


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