Biology Sample Essay


Search the Internet to identify three common or popular diets. Note the pros and cons of each diet, and consider their health benefits in light of what you have learned about nutrition in the lab and your course text. Is the diet biologically sound?

For your discussion post, write a letter to a friend or family member (this could be a fictional person, if you wish) who is considering dieting and is trying to choose between the three diets that you identified online. Share what you learned about the diets, and take into account their health benefits in light of what you have learned so far in this course. You may make a recommendation based on what you know.


Pros and Cons of Popular Diets

            In this letter, I set out to enlighten you on three popular diets: the so-called “5:2” diet, the alkaline diet, and the slimming world diet. Firstly, the 5:2 diet requires you to takes meals in the normal way for the first 5 days of the week and to strictly fast for the remaining 2 days. It has good health implications and improves the well-being of the person taking it. Claims that it improves brain function and prevents conditions such as dementia abound. The main pro of this diet is that it is easy to skip meals for two days and successfully lose weight. However, this diet is not strict on the number of calories being consumed. Skipping meals can lead to reduced productivity and dizziness. I would recommend you choose a version that is evidence-based in order to avoid nutrition deficiencies, for example, dehydration and malnutrition.


On the other hand, the alkaline diet is based on the theory that excess acid in the body greatly increase fat levels. Therefore, for you to loose calories you need to avoid foods that contain acid such as meat and wheat. Instead, you need to eat many fruits and vegetables. According to Rosenbloom (2014), this diet encourages healthy eating by cutting intake of processed foods. Nevertheless, cutting a whole food group is not good for you because it denies you an opportunity to get essential nutrients like calcium. You should avoid any version of this diet that encourages cutting down on an entire food group and instead choose one that requires you to take a fairly balanced diet.

Lastly, the slimming world diet has also become hugely popular. It advocates for the replacement of high-fat foods with low-fat foods like fruits, fish eggs, lean meat, rice, potatoes and vegetables. One of its pros is that no food types are banned. Moreover, it encourages individuals to overindulge in different food types occasionally. The meals provided in this diet are balanced, meaning that they increase body activity. However, this diet does not shed light on calorie and the portions to be taken. Therefore, be careful with this diet because you may end up struggling to lose weight in the long run.


Rosenbloom, C. (2014). Popular Diets and Athletes: Premises, Promises, Pros, and Pitfalls of Diets and What Athletes Should Know About Diets and Sports Performance. Nutrition Today, 49(5), 244- 248.

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