Balanced Score Card Project Paper

This paper is a Balanced Score card paper. Essentially this is a strategic planning assignment with the focus in healthcare. The topic for my paper is “Decreasing patient falls within the emergency department” There is a very specific templet to follow that will be attached. Please reach out for any clarification. The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) (Kaplan & Norton, 1992) uses fourorganizational perspectives for which metrics (performance indicators) aredeveloped. These four perspectives allow an organization to align individual,departmental, and organizational strategic goals and objectives. Although itsorigins reach back to 1992, as it is with hallmark works, this method hassustained the test of time. Proponents of the BSC note that the balancingdecreases the over reliance on the financial perspective as the only indicatorof success, so instead of just asking are we making money, it includes otheroutcome measurements.Your assignment is a simplified approach for developing a BSC. In reality, atrue BSC would also involve the use of software or an Excel spreadsheet totrack your data to progress. For this exercise, you will do the initial planningonly. Using your week one analysis and exploration of your employer’smission, vision, and strategic plan, your organizational culture evaluation,and your organizational attributes worksheet, envision a balanced scorecardwhich addresses the four perspectives setting two objectives, measures,targets, and initiatives for the goal you develop at the unit level. Do not usea goal that has already been predetermined for your unit. Develop a goalthat you see addresses an additional need. Just because your employerpicked certain initiatives (and ultimately goals) doesn’t mean that is all theyenvision, what they chose was the priority goals.

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