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Plagiarism and Anthropology Essays: How to Avoid the Seemingly Unavoidable

Plagiarism is the greatest enemy of anthropology essays. But how do you avoid plagiarism in your anthropology essay?  This article document sets out to explain precisely that.

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Only but the finest of academic writers will tell you that separating plagiarism from an anthropology essay is no mean feat. That is not even the weirdest thing. Ask them how to ensure that the paper has 0% plagiarism as required for any academic paper; their answer, and that is only if they are extremely good in what they do, is where weird gains a completely new definition. Try to make meaning out of this statement:

  • The best and most effective way of overcoming the risk of plagiarism in an anthropology paper is by not avoiding it in the first place!

The foregoing statement stands out above everything else in the writers guide from Does it mean you ignore plagiarism? Does it means it is impossible to avoid in anthropology, or does it imply that plagiarism is not checked for anthropology papers? How do you prevent something from happening by not avoiding it? In the sections that follow, this article will highlight several secrets from, on how to make anthropology essays plagiarism free. Read, understand, and, kindly, keep it a secret.

Understanding Plagiarism: Unspoken Secrets

What you may not know is that any plagiarism checker, from the free brands to the most expensive ones, only relates four similar word series to any published text. According to the writers guide at, plagiarism will only emerge if two separate texts have the same four words following each other in the same sequence and form. If two four-word series occur between two types of texts, the level of plagiarism will jump from 0% to nearly 60%, and higher if more four-word series occur.

To understand this secret better, let us try to use an example, again borrowed from the writers guide. Once you understand this secret, you will then see how it is nearly impossible to avoid plagiarism in an anthropology essay. For now, consider the following illustrations:

Original text: The interest of cultural anthropology is understanding the cultural meaning of any behaviour patterns or trends among humans within a given context as represented by values and norms attached to the behaviour.

  Paper 1: Cultural anthropology seeks to understand {the cultural meaning of any behaviour patterns or trends} by humans in terms of the {values and norms attached to] any behaviour (87% plagiarism)

Paper 2: Cultural anthropology focuses on {the cultural meaning of behaviour patterns} among humans in a given environment based on their values and norms (61% plagiarism).

Paper 3: Cultural anthropologists seek to understand cultural meaning attached to human behaviour within any context based on the {values and or norms attached to such a behaviour} (3% plagiarism).

Now, before we focus on plagiarism in an anthropology essays, let us first review the examples given above and truly understand what plagiarism is. All the texts in Paper 1 to paper 3 that occur within the nominal brackets {} has been highlighted as the plagiarized text. Compare what is plagiarized and the level of plagiarism detected. Several truths are apparent therefrom, when plagiarized text is compared to the original text. These include:

  • Whenever four words occur similarly arranged and formed as in the original text, plagiarism hits over 60% high (paper 1 and 2)
  • When the four-word sequence occurs more than once, within the same sentence, the plagiarism rate hits the highest possible level (paper 1)
  • When the number of similar words in any series reduce, so does the plagiarism level (paper 2)
  • When texts are nearly similar but lack any 4-word series, plagiarism is nearly insignificant (paper 3)

To make sure you understand this illustration, let us try to use symbolic configurations. Note the sequence and number of symbols (representing words) and compare that to the plagiarism score that results.

  • XXXXXX – 84% plagiarism
  • XXXXX – 67% plagiarism
  • XXXX – 61% plagiarism
  • XXX – 13% plagiarism
  • XX – 0% plagiarism

The Bane of Plagiarism in Anthropology Essays

Anthropology is the scientific study of human beings and their classification in terms of their origins, physiological features, behavioural patterns, institutional inter-relations, socio-cultural ideology, and historical profile. In many ways, this reality makes plagiarism nearly impossible to avoid in anthropology papers.

Start with the names. From the authors’ names to their titles, and from the technological terms used to cultural and cultural descriptions, finding four-word series you cannot change is the norm of anthology, How do you change ‘the society had a unique standard cross-cultural sample” from having a four-word series? How do you change “the society used prototyped ancient Rosetta stone” to anything without the four-word series?

Regardless of what you do, there are those four-word series you will find and use in the anthropology essay that cannot be changed or avoided. Now when you imagine that a 500-word essay will have more than 30 of such unchangeable four-word series, then it means that the paper will have above 60% plagiarism regardless. The greatest pain however, is that such plagiarism will be traced and linked to papers and books you never even used when preparing the essay. Now you understand why anthropology is a twin sister of plagiarism.  

The Secret Scrolls  

Following from the foregoing discussion, you must agree that plagiarism is nearly impossible to avoid in anthropology papers. Fortunately, according to the writers guide at, it still can be avoided. How? The secret lies in changing your four-word series slightly in the following ways:

  1. Change the tense of the sentence to reorder words leading to and after the four-word series
  2. Make the names possessive and thus including the {‘s) addition
  3. Present the nominal name as a plural in rhythm with the sentence text
  4. Remove any descriptive word within the four-word series (any adjectival phrase or word should be mooted)
  5. Use abbreviations for repetitive four-word series
  6. Replace the subsequent four-word series with a referral (i.e. the stones …)    

The foregoing tricks are not trying to avoid plagiarism. Rather, they are adding wisdom cracks to beat the plagiarism checkers. Sometimes, you can beat what you cannot avoid. That is how excellent academic writers still create the anthropology essay with 0% plagiarism, in a discipline where plagiarism is a twin sister. Now you know why, is as reliable in the delivery of high-end essays, simply because wisdom can easily surpass logic.  

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