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An annotated bibliography is at the center of academic writing in all universities. With the annotated bibliography, the student is required to read academic sources, mostly books and journal articles, and then write short descriptions of those sources. For each annotated bibliography, the selected sources must be related to the selected topic. In essence, you are writing the annotated bibliography to demonstrate the relevance of the sources to your analysis of the topic.

As you may have already realized, an annotated bibliography is one of the writing tasks that you must undertake as one of the early stages in the process of writing your research project, term paper, thesis or dissertation.

Summarizing a 20-page journal article into a one-paragraph description can be an extremely difficult task. Even the most experienced writer can be at a loss as to what to write and what to leave out. It calls for greater summary skills than an abstract. In one paragraph, the student must not only summarize the aim, scope, methodology, and findings of the article, but also highlight its relevance in carrying out research on the assigned topic.

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