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At the Peak of Graduate Scholarship the American Way: Why Hire Advanced US Writers

When it comes to elite graduate scholarship, The American Way leads the pack. No question. But why is hiring advanced US writers so important to some students? Well, it is simply the American way.

The topic of discussion here is higher education in the United States. Indeed, the one thing shared by students from the University of Pennsylvania, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, Yale University and other American higher learning institutions is a unique element of higher education that is absent anywhere else in the globe. This article will address that legendary American way, and perhaps explain why some students insist on having their dissertations assigned to advanced US writers.

A First Hand Testimony

In my first week as a Post-Graduate Editor for, I thought it was odd, or even selfish, for a client to demand a writer from America. I remember that her instructions were in capital letters, and that she started with, “ONLY US WRITER. ONLY! I edited the doctoral thesis. By the third week however, the request for advanced US writers had become far too frequent to ignore. Still, however, I did not see the sense of insisting on US-based writers.

I did not consider that there was any difference between me and a fellow editor who had just finalized his doctoral in community nursing from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. I had initially felt that our only difference was in the disciplines of specialization, but not the fact that I had graduated from the University of Mississippi, at Oxford. Well, one Thursday morning, I ignored one client’s insistence on US-based writers, and assigned one Master’s degree in nursing to his group,

When the first three chapters were uploaded as a draft, and edited significantly by my colleague, the results changed my understanding of US-based writers. The client did not even comment on the quality of the dissertation, its length, its methodology, or its literature review. The reply was, “I Specifically requested for Advanced US Writers! What happened? Why would you not just follow my requirements! That incident made me remember the customer who had used two words only, in capital letters: “client is always right”. The most important lesson at had just been entrenched into my professional career.

What is with US-Based Writers?

What later became apparently clear was that American universities have a unique and very distinctive way of contextualizing everything from an American perspective. They not only transformed Queen’s language to be American (the most dominant variety on the World Wide Web today), but they also inserted their domesticated vocabularies into the specialized diction used by professionals. You can easily tell whether a dissertation or thesis was written for a European university or for an US university.

If you ask how, then know from first-hand experience that there are just so many differences. What makes a student specifically request for advanced US writers when placing an order at is as important as the rest of the order instructions. It starts with US English and not British English, follows with the structure to the context exemplification. After months of studying the differences, I now always follow a client’s specific request for US-based academic writers, more so because majority of our clientele are from the US.

It is important, nonetheless, to mention that these unique features do not make higher education better or superior than in any other university globally. The fact that the word “football” in Britain refers to a very different sport in the US, does not make the word superior in either jurisdiction. Rather, requesting for advanced US writers implies the need for a specific approach to an academic paper, thesis, dissertation, or essay. After several months of keen research, observation, and analysis, and with the additional benefit of personal history, this approach is now distinctively clear.

Uniqueness of Advanced US Writers

Professional academic writers from the US, both in practitioner and academic realms, have several unique qualities that cannot be assumed or copied by writers from anywhere else in the globe. This article is in many ways, a picture of the American way of writing, and would be nearly 100% different if it was done the Scottish colleague. The following list of differences highlight why US-based writers are preferred by some students.

  • Rarely, very rarely indeed, will an American writer use an example of any issue or concept with a region outside the US, while Australian writers equivalently use examples from the US, UK, and Australia (making contextualization incidences exclusively American) 
  • US writers often use a non-standard structural format for a dissertation or thesis based on the discipline, a very rare occurrence outside the American universities
  • You will find 9 for every 10 dissertations with six instead of five chapters when written by an American student (discussion often forms chapter 5 in the US, so that conclusions, and recommendations got to chapter 6, while in the UK, chapter 5 presents a consolidated set of discussions, conclusions, and recommendations)
  • Social sciences are often phrased, described, and even related as sciences by UD academicians, while social sciences are depicted more as humanities than sciences outside the US
  • American writers always find a way of adding seasons into the discourse of analysis, simply generalizing that all jurisdictional holidays and seasons are based on the American region (a good example is the use of summer and Halloween time frames as if they are global)     


This is merely a list of the unique features that are the trademark of US academic writers. When a student requests specifically for advanced US writers, or even mentions it as a suggestion, that becomes a priority at It took time and effort to understand why, but it is now clear why a student requests for that. It also explains why my student realized from the outset, that the three chapters of the dissertation had not been created by a US-based writer, regardless of its premium quality.

At, all essays are completed by expert US Writers who understand how the American Higher Education System works.

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