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Should You Use an Automated Academic Paper Maker: Why or Why Not?

In the age of the auto-writer, what are your choices? Should You Or Should You Not Invest in An Academic Paper Maker? This is about weighing the odds.

The simple and straightforward answer to that question is an unnegotiable, no. Fortunately, is here to offer the next best alternative: a custom-written paper that perfectly matches your instructor’s requirements and grading rubric. Deciding whether to use an automated academic paper maker involves so many considerations. You must have so many concerns, needs, and requirements by the time you come to make that decision. Similarly, like has been witnessed among many students who come to, making that decision evokes so many unknowns. The present article will attempt to debate on that question, and justify why using the custom writing services of is a better bet than falling for the false promise of an academic paper maker.  

What Is an Academic Paper Maker?

Not even Google’s search engine can create an original statement fit for an academic paper. What it can do, however, is help combine words, and phrases sourced from its trillion-rich databases. Such statements will be married in an attempt to create a specific meaning. The problem however, is connecting such grafted statements into a meaningful paper, where meaning flows or is connected to serve the paper requirements.

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Regardless of the algorithmic calibration used, even such a mega search engine does not have the intelligence required to do so. We are still centuries behind in attaining machine intelligence and decision-making power that human creativity demands.  By the time humans can read a fiction novel written by a program, it will be many generations hence. Perhaps nonetheless, someone develops a program that can attempt to do that. Just perhaps. Now consider that the automated program will have to:

  1. Contemplate the unique directives of a specific academic paper
  2. Understand the length, topic, nature, and arguments required
  3. Understand the premise from which the academic paper is to be created
  4. Understand where to source for backing and credence from timely peer-reviewed academic sources
  5. Understand how to structure those statements into an introduction, body, and conclusion
  6. Interrelate the topic in question with course-relevant theories, principles, and practices
  7. Identify the gap of knowledge served by the academic paper, based on what is already known and what is unknown

These are some of the many requirements that a reliable academic paper maker must serve. That requires not just a database of statements to borrow from, but real-time intelligence, rational and well-considered decision-making, and fact-based creativity. That is machine learning potential only feasible in science fiction. But perhaps, given our rate of technological growth and innovations, it was possible. If that was possible, then we already have an answer to what an academic paper maker is, namely a program that can automatically create a paper that meets all the foregoing requirements, customize it for a specific user and their requirements, and then generate a paper worth marking.  

The Logic Puzzle: A Realistic Appraisal

Just for the purposes of this argument, let us consider that we have come to a time when we can develop an algorithmic coding to attain all the foregoing requirements, and we have a paper maker worth the name. Not only would it be cheaper and more reliable for to own one, but it would also have become useless for universities to mandate or even mark course assignments, term papers, and essays. To begin with, therefore, such companies would be pioneers of such an innovative option, to replace the HR burden of recruiting, training, and maintaining motivated writers. Secondly, home-assignments will become redundant for universities globally.

Still, there is also another possible outcome. The time and effort required to create a custom research paper, if it can be automated, will simply be offered at a premium cost. This means that subscription or use of a credible academic paper maker would be so expensive, accounting for minimal effort, delays, manpower unreliability, and series of possible inconveniences. Therefore, the prices online scammers now charge for what they call academic paper makers are only but a decimal percentage of the likely cost. If such makers were worth a margin of their claims, they would cost a hundred times more of their dollar pricing.

Conclusion: Use –The Ultimate Academic Paper Maker

Now we know that what people purport to be academic paper makers are too cheap to be trusted, and too fanciful to not be cast aside as scams. We also know that those who use reputable custom essay companies such as are getting better value for their money. You may also have realized that were Academic Paper Makers to become a reality, home assignments would cease being a means of evaluating students for their academic certification. Most importantly however, we also know that we have not advanced the human technological prowess to the extent of creating an algorithm code capable of eliminating the need for a human writer.

All is not lost, though. The present article had only one purpose, namely, to debate whether you should use an automated academic paper maker for your course assignment. The answer given was not motivated by the bias of or for, but rather, by a very realistic appraisal. To conclude, avoid academic paper makers and instead use because:

  1. It is cheaper to entrust your academic paper to a company offering customized services than to rely on robots that lack the human touch.
  2. The quality that a qualified, experienced, and specialized writer attains is always incomparable to that of grafted statements borrowed from search engine databases.
  3. The risk involved in making that choice has significant influence on your academic future.
  4. The day you can get a reliable and high-quality academic paper maker, will be a day when your university ceases to use home assignments as a basis for evaluating academic performance.
  5. is a cheaper alternative to automated gimmicks that do not deliver on the value proposition.
  6. Academic papers are neither formulaic nor patterned; on the contrary, they require critical, analytical and creative input as well as rational decision-making ability and intelligence that can never be entrusted to algorithmic code.
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