Self Assessment Essay

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Strongest Work

The strongest piece of writing that I created this quarter is entitled “UPS: My First Job”. I consider this piece of writing to be strong because it enabled me to reflect on my first job and the experience, satisfaction, and self-worth that it gave me. This is the best piece of writing that I have ever written in terms of creativity, coherence, and vocabulary. Sometimes when I skim through the ideas it contains, I doubt that I am the one who composed them. More importantly, I tend to think that I may never write such a masterpiece again in my life.


Most Effective Revision
            The most effective revision this quarter is the one that I did on an essay entitled “Important Person in My Life”. I had to revise the paper after my professor complained that it had punctuation, semantic, grammatical and punctuation errors. When I read through the essay once again, I was surprised to find out some mistakes that had slipped through my eyes. All of a sudden, I appreciated the need to proofread my work sometime after writing it. I noticed that when proofreading, I notice some inconsistencies in lines of thought and after rectifying them, the essay becomes interesting and fun to read.


            My attitude towards writing has completely changed this quarter. I have learned that expressing ideas on paper calls for creativity, precision, and commitment. More importantly, I find proofreading and editing tasks to be fun.

Final thoughts

After writing an essay, I tend to take a short break before proofreading it. I always like it that way. I have also realized that to succeed in academic life, I have to learn to be a writer.

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