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  1. My major is Marketing.
    2. With growing trends toward outsourcing, some economists are pointing to the emergence of “globalized professionals”, who are developing qualifications necessary to succeed in the global job market. For this assignment, use Web resources to research globalized professionals. Pay special attention to the way this concept relates to your current major (such as Accounting, Finance, MIS).
    3.Using the information you have found, write a one-page (single-spaced) paper outlining your thoughts. If the idea of becoming a globalized professional appeal to you, describe how you might enhance your qualifications. If the idea does not appeal to you, explain why. Be sure to include any references/citations.


Henry McCormick

Professor Noam

Management Paper

9 November 2014

Globalized Professionals

Globalization has led to the emergence of a new trend characterized by the outsourcing of production activities. It has also led to the rise of a new corporate culture characterized by growing demand for globalized professionals (Fourcade 167). In this trend, professions are being globalized by virtue of extending their scope of operation to cover the international labor market. As countries continue to interact more openly in the areas of commerce and industry through increased mobility and interdependence, it has become imperative for professionals employed by corporations in home countries to seek credentials that enable them to fit into overseas subsidiaries (Covaleski, Dirsmithand Rittenberg 350).


The idea of becoming a globalized professional is very appealing to me as a marketing major. This is because we live in a global community where the job market is no longer restricted to one’s home country. There are many ways in which I can enhance my qualifications to become a globalized marketing professional. One of them is to seek professional training provided by international accreditation bodies seeking to standardize marketing practices at the global level (Kwiek 31). Such training enables marketing professionals to operate at the transnational level using an internationally recognized set of professional guidelines, ethics, and practices.

Another way to acquire professional grounding globally is to enroll for further studies in institutions with a global outlook of professional practices, preferably a foreign one based in a large city operating as a global marketplace such as New York, London, and Tokyo (Verstock 429). The mode of operation in such financial hubs tends to lean towards high-level dependence on globalized professionals, and are therefore ideal sources of exposure on globalized professional practices(Verstock 431). Lastly, I may seek to remain relevant in a global environment by continually staying up-to-date with the latest trends in on-the-job training on both hard and soft skills. Such an endeavor can be very helpful in terms of enhancing employability in the contemporary world characterized by a dynamic, globalized labor market.

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