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1. Purpose statement
2. forecast/ preview of 3 main points
-why these 3 ideas
-how are these 3 ideas related to one another
-how are these ideas important
-how did you choose the 3 ideas (your reasons, rational)

-3 parts (3 ideas)
-transitions—-connect the dots to the ideas
-using subheads from the introduction expand your ideas from the above
-keep each paragraph between 3- 5 sentences.
-connecting words and repeating phrases

Visual Choices— graph of people buying automobile online.

History of people buying cars online?
(use bulletin list… no more than 4)

The graph should should have a title, label,and source it. Explain what the graph is about?

Than lastly the conclusion.


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Introduction. 2

The personal decision making process. 3

The research process. 3

Pricing strategy consideration. 4

Works Cited. 6


Today, with the advent of internet technology, it is easy to buy cars online. The process is easy and one needs not go around asking for help from friends and strangers. Since the internet can be accessed from any location, it is easy for any buyer from any part of the world to make an online transaction and to become a car owner in an instant.

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This essay highlights the three main aspects of online car buying. The first aspect involves the personal decision making process, which, unlike in local stores, brings the dealer into the limelight. The second aspect is about the research process whereby different online tools are used to enable online buyers make the best decisions for their needs. The third aspect involves the pricing strategy, in which case everything is instant; there is no haggling. I chose these three aspects from a rational perspective. In other words, there is no rule of thumb on the process of online buying; regardless of the aspects that one chooses to focus on, what matters on is the way in which all the pertinent issues are addressed.

The personal decision making process

Molesworth observes that just like in the process of buying a car from the local store, an online car buyer has to make many decisions (166). He has to decide on the type of car that he wants to buy, and once he is satisfied with the car model of his dreams, he only needs to submit an inquiry regarding the vehicle. In Teo’s view, majority of online car-buying companies simply pass on the customer’s information to a dealer (461). The dealer then contacts the buyer, for purposes of negotiating of negotiating. Alternatively, the dealer may try to make the buyer a good offer on a different vehicle.

According to Yang, the best online car selling companies are those who deal with reputable dealers (188). It is also good to go for a company that is a member of an authorized dealer network. Either way, the buyer should ensure that he is offered enough information in order to be easy for him to make decisions.

The research process

The best online car sale company offers buyers many tools needed to make well-informed decisions. Ideally, they should have a research portal where unbiased information is available on different car models from different auto companies. The research portal may have various sections, including buying guides, incentives and rebates, finance calculators, car comparison section, additional information on pricing, recent automotive news, car safety and car pricing issues.

Some of the sections contained in the buying guides may include van buying guides, SUV buying guides, used car buying sites, hybrid cars, and fuel efficiency buying guides. Others include safety guides, as well as guides to all certified pre-owned vehicles. In terms of incentives and rebates, it is important to understand that different automakers such as Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, and Audi, offer incentives and rebates that are unique in different respects.

The element of research that involves car comparison is necessary for people who need to make a choice on various substitutes. For example, one may need to compare between Honda Accord and Toyota Camry in various respects. Additionally, buyers who are torn between buying Chevrolet Aveo and Toyota Paris should be provided with an interface where they can compare the two models in an instant.

Wolfinbarger indicates that online car buying research is incomplete without the use of a finance calculator (42). This calculator is used to determine a car’s amount of interest payments, loan fees, total interest paid, car rebates, low financing, and the remaining principle. Most of these financial instruments apply only to the used cars.

Research makes the car buying experience complete, such that the buyer fully understands issues to do with car brokers, car dealerships, car warranties, and car shipping. The buyer also ends up knowing more about the difference between exotic and luxury cars. This information is most easily accessed through browsing through helpful selections of expert auto-related articles on the internet.

Pricing strategy consideration

Majority of the online car-buying companies that offer haggle-free pricing require that the buyer provides his contact information first. The buyer then needs to wait for the dealer ton contact him with the price. However, in other online companies, one needs not wait to be contacted since the price is offered instantly. Moreover, others offer the buyer an opportunity of looking up the haggle-free price on any car of their choice, whenever they want. The ability to check a car’s price at a click of a button is what makes online car-buying a thrilling, user-friendly experience.

The haggle-free experience has become popular with the advent of computer and internet. This is because, when everything is digitized, there is always a wealth of information on nearly any aspect of online commerce, unlike in the historical-traditional local approach to commerce. The implication is that rather than waste time haggling, it is more convenient for car buyers and online car buying services providers to use the haggle-free strategy. The haggle-free approach to car buying is a part of the emerging in online shopping.


In summary, buying a car online is fun, easy, and hassle-free, unlike in the traditional shopping approach, where one has to go through many complicated procedures that involve traveling, negotiating, haggling, clarification, and paperwork. In the online approach, it is easy to conduct research, compare different models, and, generally, understand all the intricacies of the car-buying experience.

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A bar graph showing the actual prices for Mercedes Benz S500 paid by buyers online



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