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Article One: Buy Essays Online

5 Metrics of Qualification Before You Buy Essays Online

A critical analysis of the five key metrics of a quality academic paper to always consider before you buy essays online, today.






























n academic essay is not merely a collection of argumentative statements. Indeed, not every written prose is an academic paper. There are five foundational features that define the quality of an academic essay, each of which is as essential as it is mandatory. This brief article will highlight the five testimonial metrics that qualify an academic paper, and which should help you justify spending the precious dollar to buy essays online. When you ultimately submit that essay, the score will be equivalent to how many of these features the paper consolidated.  



5 Key Qualifications of an Academic Essay


Metric 1: Referential Basement and Backing


One of the most unique features of an academic essay is its absence of opinion. Unlike a research paper, which may otherwise present new knowledge, an essay is the presentation of what is already known. The essay reviews, critiques, and presents what is already available as a body of knowledge, as published by previous scholars in books, journal articles, and conference papers. Whether using the MLA, APA, Harvard or similar citations styles, all arguments must be based on and backed by already published literature sources.


Rather than your opinion, the essay presents what has already been established as current knowledge in the area of interest. As such, at the heart of any academic essay, is referencing other sources from which its arguments and statements are drawn. Absence of academic references makes any essay a collection of your opinion, and thus not an academic essay. The essay must derive, deduce or back all its argument from previously published academic sources, and ultimately terminate with a list of all references used.


The academic essay must therefore find its background in both theory and application of previous scholars, incorporated as in-text citations or quotes. Any statement or argument included in an essay without a reference is an opinion. Before you buy essays online, always ensure that any essay sent to you is based on and backed by an adequate set of accurate and relevant references.





Metric 2: Structural Dynamics


Besides having adequate and relevant references accurately cited in an academic essay, the essay must also be structured in a standard format. The essay often assumes a three-point progressive format, regardless of the citation style used. The structural format includes (a) an introduction, (b) body, and (c) conclusion. The structure facilitates logical flow, as well as for the aesthetic presentation of the essay content.


Some citations styles allow these three subsections to be so titled, mainly APA and Harvard. However, such citation styles as MLA, Chicago, and Turabian do not facilitate for a paper with subtitled content, Nonetheless, in all citations styles, the essay needs a beginning (introduce the topic being addressed and the theme of the subsequent discussion),  a body (core discussion of the topic), and conclusion (summative overview of the main points addressed in the body). As such, whether subtitled of otherwise, the academic essay should have a beginning or introduction, body, and conclusion, in accordance to the given instructions.




Metric 3: Accordance to Given Instructions


A point of warning, nonetheless, even after attaining a perfect structure, and backing all statements with relevant references, is serving the core purpose of the essay. Each essay is unique to its guiding instructions, where such instructions define the merits for the marks awarded. An academic essay is not a generalist collection of statements, but a presentation of knowledge respective to the topic, issue, and purpose required.


In essence, every essay is directed by precise requirements and guidelines. Regardless of the quality of an essay, the score awarded will be nil if it fails to serve its specific instructions. As such, the essay must meet all requirements, both in content and structural flow, and then be accompanied by relevant academic references. When you order for or buy essays online, always validate that each essay meets its unique requirements.





Metric 4: The Value-Length Ratio


A common mistake in many academic essays is focusing too much on the number of words required (length). After following all instructions, and appending adequate references, the academic essay should avoid being redundant. Frequently, the same point may be repeated in different words, or sentences lengthened by colloquial statements, just to attain a higher number of words used.


Always ensure that the academic essay gives value for its length. Only include what adds value, not words, into the essay. Before you buy essays online, remember that the fee charged is determined by the number of words required, +-10%. Make sure therefore, that the number of words included in the essay are not merely serving the need for length, but that they are also adding value to the essay. A wordy essay is not always a better essay.





Metric 5: Contribution and Attainment


As noted above, an academic essay does not present opinion, but rather, a presentation of current knowledge on the topic of interest. Nonetheless, even when using the basis and backing of previous scholars as published in the academic literature, every essay must serve a unique purpose. In most instances, the essay makes an argument, validates a statement, or makes a critical analysis of an issue as directed in the instructions. At the end analysis therefore, the essay must reach a conclusion on its contribution to the available body of knowledge. The essay must show how it attained its primary purpose, as well as how it served its primary purpose to the reader. Do not buy essays online which fail to attain or serve a purpose in its conclusion, since in most cases, the essay will not have met its requirements.



























n conclusion, make sure that any essay you buy attains the quality standard of an academic paper. The five metrics described and contextualized above are critical in any academic essay. Before you buy essays online, make sure that the essay you finally get meets each of the five features and requirements. Then and only then, will the money you spend serve in advancing your academic journey. As detailed above therefore, the course supervisor and instructor will mark your essay based on how well you attain each of these features, and the score you attain is the product therefrom. Save yourself money, time, and the inconveniences that often accompany the submissions of a substandard essay. Now you know how.






Article Two: Hiring Essay Writer




Primary Guidelines for Hiring Essay Writer Services: Who Should You Hire?



A critical review of 4 important factors to consider, when deciding on who to trust when hiring essay writer services, and why.





n a decade when almost everyone claims to be a professional essay writer, it is hard to decide on who to trust. The number of companies, websites, and agencies offering essay-writing services has reached an overwhelming crescendo, globally. Your paper is significantly central to your academic life, your finances, and your peace of mind. As such, you are not just looking for a quick and cheap way of finalizing your assignment, but also a reliable way of resolving a critical need with quality, reliability, and professionalism.


























Unfortunately, if you decide to trust just anybody among the thousands now available, both offline and online, chances are you will be disappointed. So how do you decide who to consult and entrust? How do you ensure that you select a professional, reliable, and cost-competitive provider when hiring essay writer services? This article highlights 4 factors you should always consider when selecting a reliable and professional essay writer.



4 Core Qualities of a Professional Essay Writer


Quality One: Customised and Personalized Service Delivery


A professional academic writer is a professional service provider and not an essay retailer. What you purchase is a service, unique to your needs and requirements, and not just another essay. The writer does not simply create a general essay for all the customers, but rather, a 100% original academic essay   unique to your personal requirements. Even when responding to the same question for three clients, the writer must create a unique essay for each of the clients, where the service provided is customized and person-centred.























Consequently, you should only consult a writer who provides services exclusively personalized to your needs and requirements. No other client before and after you place your order should receive similar essays. When hiring essay writer services therefore, always ensure that the services you receive are personalized, exclusive, and customized to you as a person. Only then can you be certain of receiving an original and satisfactorily high-end quality of an essay.



Quality Two: Qualifications and Merit


Yet while the essay writers may provide a unique and person-centred service, they may fail to serve those unique requirements for your essay. Imagine entrusting your doctoral assignment on theoretical astrophysics and cosmology, to a writer whose academic background is as an undergraduate in nursing. Imagine hiring a masters’ degree holder in accounting, to write your essay on the political ethics of aboriginal Australians. While such writers will have attained graduate qualifications, they should not write an essay in the assigned topics. The likely result would be disastrous.


That unfortunately, is not the worst that could happen. With the emergence of so many online platforms and companies offering essay-writing services, it is common that you find high school graduates in a third-world Asian country writing your essay. It is critically important, therefore, that when hiring essay writer services, you entrust your paper to educated, qualified, skilled, and experienced professionals who can reliably address your essay topic and requirements.



Quality Three: Timeliness and Reliability


When you place an order for an academic essay, it is frequently not as a hobby or pastime activity. You have been assigned a curricula requirement that is part of the course-marking scheme. In almost all cases, you have a specific day and time to have submitted the assignment, failure to which you are penalized. While in rare occasions a retake can be allowed, failure to submit and assignment in time may jeopardize your academic progress not only for that course, but also for the entire program. Ironically, a good essay submitted late is worse that a bad essay submitted on time.


Essay writing is therefore a time-specific engagement. Even after the essay is written, and before submission, you still need time to go through the essay and determine if it meets your quality requirements. If you find areas that should be amended, it should be possible for you to request for revisions or improvements on the essay, and still be within your timelines for submission. Time therefore, and a reliable delivery by the set deadline, is of critical essence when hiring essay writer services.



Quality Four: Academic Diction and Standard


An essay is not simply a collection of syntactic phrases, generalist statements, and opinionated arguments. As an academic paper, the essay stands out in language or diction, in structural format, in argumentative analysis, in logical symmetry, and in factual presentation. An essay is an integration of cross-referenced citations, derivative argumentation, and collective linkage of what is already known into new knowledge. In most cases, the relatively high fees you are charged should be an equivalent representation of the quality you receive.


Ultimately, the language used, the nature of statements made, the flow of the prose, and the structural configuration of the presentation significantly determine the quality of the essay. That is why an essay on law will emerge significantly distinct from the essay on business management. What differs is not just the language used, but the nature of arguments made, the manner if citations appended, and the flow is derived statements made. As such, when hiring essay writer services, always know that you deserve a credible academic paper with an unquestionable quality standard.






Following from the foregoing discussion therefore, it is apparent that professional essay writers have some foundational qualities. Before you entrust your essay to a service provider, and before you consult anyone claiming to offer professional services in academic writing, be certain that they have the merit and skill to deliver the essay your pay for. As discussed above, hiring essay writer services should be a strategic process based on precise merit of the service providers, and not just because of availability or pricing. Make sure that the service providers guarantee customised and personalized services, only engage writers with credible academic qualifications, deliver such services in a timeliness and reliability manner, and that the essay meets the quality you pay for. Only then will the resultant experience be worth your time and money.






Article Three: Buy Book Reports



Why You Should Buy Book Reports: The Learner’s Reading Secret



Informed college readers always buy book reports from professionals because of an underlying wisdom. Their secret is in optimizing an efficient learning process.






hy should you buy book reports? To begin with, what are book reports, and which purpose do book reports serve? When should you purchase a summative report of a specific report, and more importantly, are the book reports even necessary? This brief article will address the core essence of book reports, and the secret being buying reliable high-end book reports from professional service providers. Only a few students ever know of the secret behind book reports, and the resultant benefit is often emphatic.



What is a Book Report?























A book report denotes a summative appraisal of the content provided by a specific academic text, unique to the specialization and discipline of the student. Today, book reports are mandatory academic assignments in many colleges and universities, and are often required for the reading list of a specific course. While the report may and should integrate critical analysis, interpretative application, and reflection, the heart of a book repot is anchored on summarising what the book provides, and how, without necessarily creating a cross comparison with other texts,


Nonetheless, a book report is not a re-narration of what the text, but a critical appraisal and contextualization of the book’s content. It is unfortunate that some students buy book reports that are merely a rewording of some of what the book says. Lifting a few statements from a variety of chapters in a book does not constitute a book report. Before addressing the purpose of a book report, or identifying what the report should have, it is important to contextualize when you should buy the reports in the first place,



Why Should You Buy Book Reports


All students often wonder whether they are expected to read each and every book listed in the reading list of every single course they take. A single course may come with a reading list in their tens, but only a few of these are the required or mandatory texts. They are included in the reading list for a reason, and it can measurably benefit the students if they are read. However, the time and effort required to read as much, for all the courses, prepare the assignments, attend classes, and synthesise the main text for the course often comes as unfeasible and impractical.


It will be to the good of the student to peruse all the reading materials recommended for every course. Each book on the reading list offers alternative explanations and applications of the theory constituted in the academic course, assorted research, and complementary analysis. The books yield a better and more comprehensive understanding of the course content, in ways that a lecturer cannot otherwise attain. So when should you buy a book report?


When Should You Buy Book Reports?


Having defined what book reports constitute, and why they are a worthwhile investment, the next question is the when. On the overall, you should buy book reports in any of three occasions, namely:


  1. When assigned as part of the course requirements (mandatory assignment)
  2. When extending your knowledge and understanding of the primary text
  3. Extra curriculum activity

In recent times, book reports have become a mandatory assignment in many courses. In such instances, the student can easily purchase a reliable book report, 100% original, from a professional service provider. However, students may want to understand the primary text in a more comprehensive manner, and extra reading of the books in the reading list is essential. In such cases, the student can buy book reports rather than read the entire texts. Finally, particularly for students preparing for research (dissertations and thesis), or simply extending their knowledge in the area of specialisation, having summative book reports is always an added advantage.



Key Features of a Quality Book report


As noted in the introductory paragraph, a book report constitutes much more than merely lifting a few statements from a variety of chapters in a book. The table of contents in the book can and does that already, if not better. It is neither a summary of statements nor a collection of the main points. A good book report provides argumentative evaluation, critical analysis, interpretative application, contextual synthesis, and logical symmetry of the knowledge provided in the book,
















LINK (1)                                                                                                                 LINK (2)



Though the book report may not provide a cross-sectional comparison of what the book says and what other texts postulate, it must always synthesise its content in the context of broader or wider knowledge base in that discipline. The report must build connectedness of the information provided, address the gap in knowledge served by the book, identify unique contributions of the author to the available body of knowledge, and ascertain the basis upon which all main areas are anchored. A good book report provides a synthesised gist of the knowledge provided by the book, with applications, deviations, and contributions attained to the available body of knowledge. In summary, the book report should contain:


  • Key highlights unique to the book
  • Critical analysis of all major arguments
  • Logical symmetry of the content
  • Factual presentation of novel propositions
  • Interpretative application or theoretical statements in the book
  • Contextual points unique to that book and its presentation of knowledge
  • Gapping of knowledge provided in the wider circle of discipline







ook reports now constitute a common type of academic assignments in colleges and universities across the globe. In the foregoing discussion, the article has not only addressed what a book report represents, but also the purpose that a good book report should serve. In an attempt to contextualize a book report, the article has also highlighted when and why you should buy book reports, and further identified the key features of a quality book report.


At the core of the auricle, in conclusion, is how purchasing a book report may help you optimize your learning process for a specific course, saving both time and effort that you either do not have or can spend elsewhere. The secret is a gaining the summative, unique and comparative understanding of each book in your reading list, with ease and speed, and at a negligible cost. Gaining a great mark for the course if otherwise assigned, is an added benefit. The secret behind the scholars who prefer to buy book reports, lies in the comparative value the reports over passively reading tens of textbooks for every course.





Article Four: Essay Help USA



3 Core Advantages of Consulting Essay Help USA: Activating the Information Age



With time limitations and the need for stellar quality, there are those times you need help when writing your essay. Here are 3 reasons why you need essay help USA!




hen should you ever seek for help when preparing your essay assignment? Where and from who should you ask for such help? Above all, when you do ask for help in preparing the essay, which kind or form of help can you get and or should you expect? The present article will briefly attempt to respond to the foregoing series of questions for a high school, college, or university student within the USA jurisdiction. As it shall emerge hereafter, essay help USA may become an important, even essential intervention in your academic life for three critical reasons.


























Advantages of Seeking for Essay Writing Help


  • Overcoming the Deadline Menace


There are many reasons why you may seek for assistance when creating your essay, with time being perhaps the single most important advantage. Every assignment comes with a deadline, and while you would otherwise create the essay on yourself, time available may be inadequate. Overcoming the time limitations common against the submission deadlines among many students explains why most of the students fail in their first submission. If you decided to create the essay anyway, regardless of the pending deadline, the quality standard and attainment of requirements/instructions maybe compromised.


There are those times when you have several unfinished assignments, and a looming deadline for each of them. Sometimes it is almost impossible to have finished all assignments before they are due. One paper may be more valuable or significant to your final grade, thus demanding more time that comparative others.  To make this compromise, you might decide to seek for help in creating one paper, either the least or, most demanding, from the professional essay writers,


























With essay help USA, you can consult professional essay writers who mould a perfect essay within a by-the-minute deadline. You place your order with specific instructions and with a specific deadline. Then you can concentrate on doing something else, without compromising the quality or submission of the essay.



  • Pursuit of Stellar Quality


The second advantage of consulting essay help USA is the opportunity to recruit the skill, experience, and professionalism of specialised service providers. There are writers who have exclusively specialised in providing academic writing services as their occupation. They can create a better essay than you ever can, and do so in less than a tenth of the time you would require to write any essay.


Lucky for many struggling students, the Information Age has brought with it the convenience of taking the scholarship paradigm to a global 24/7 consultation platform. After you identify the company to place your essay order, then you are guaranteed of stellar quality uniquely created for you. Reliable platforms of essay help USA offer credible and proven skills in creating a perfect paper for you, and following your requirements with precision. For a few dollars, you gain access to high standards of essay writing at the hands of professional writers.


The concern here is not understanding your course or course materials, but knowing how to write a perfect essay like a piece of art. At the end of the day, all you really need is to score distinction for your assignment, saving you time, effort and the inconveniences that accompany some assignments. Very few colleges and universities provide adequate training skills in academic writing for their students, and still assign them essays to be marked with a standardized scheme. While professional writers offer an opportunity for you to learn, as detailed in the third advantage hereafter, seeking for help also guarantees that you attain that pristine quality standard as a given.



  • Learning from the Masters


It is also important to remember that you are a student and not just a customer. You must therefore learn and develop progressively from the start to the conclusion of your degree program. Indeed, above the time and reliable delivery associated with essay help USA, there is also the need to improve your skill as required by the assignments. The concern of quality that accompanies a class assignment has a singular goal of improving your skill, knowledge and understanding of the respective discipline.


If you simply rely on professional writers for all your assignments, for the entire program, there is a chance that you will ultimately graduate, and gain an unmerited degree certificate. As such, while you can place an order for all the assignments, it is also important that you simultaneously learn and develop your writing skill. There is no better way of doing that at the hands of the professionals who have exclusively specialised in essay writing.


The benefit of consulting professional academic writers is that you know the requirements beforehand. After placing the order, you then receive progressive drafts of the paper until the writers upload the final paper. You should keenly observe how they meet the requirements, and ask for improvements or revisions of the paper. You have the advantage of personalised consultation throughout the essay writing process, learning how you could have created the same paper fast, and with perfect quality. Learning at the hand of the masters offers you a unique opportunity to ultimately create superior papers, better that the professional writers themselves. At the end of the day, that is the primary goal of the academic journey, learning from the masters.






rofessional essay writers focus on offering personalised consultation services tailored to serve your needs. While it may help you overcome the worry of due deadlines, seeking for essay help USA also guarantees you optimised quality standard for the paper. More importantly, it facilitates a learning process for you, with the goal of optimising your writing skills. Each session and occasion should serve your needs within precise timelines, attain unquestionable quality standard, and ultimately train you how to create a supreme essay, towards the future.  Today, as the academic worlds gradually adopts to the Information Age, you should not miss these three advantages.



Article Five: Graduate Essay




Perfecting the Graduate Essay: The Do’s and Don’ts



A detailed description of what you should never do, as well as what you should do when crafting the iconic graduate essay.

























A graduate essay is the first initiation mandate of a college student. Also referred to as the graduate application essay, and similar to the undergraduate application essays, the essay offers you an opportunity to demonstrate your competence to join the ranks of higher education. It should therefore carry with it a symbolic style unique to you, alongside a signature of competence and potential.  The essay is far much more than an application for college, and incorporates a strategic presentation of the justification upon which your admission is anchored.






The Craft of an Iconic Graduate Application Essay


  • Configuring the Personal Statement



To begin with, you must understand that the essay serves the purpose of a letter of intent, or a statement of purpose personified by your application. It thus serves the role of a personal statement, unique to you, and in reflection of joining the graduate program. It must therefore be unique to you, your future goals, your line of scholarship, and your intent after graduation.


Avoid a literal narrative that is generalized and referring to any other potential student. Make it yours, and let the application be defined by your goals and intent, your area of interest and future plans. In essence, the graduate essay should personify you as a scholar, and justifiably make the case for your admission to the target college or university. Do not, create a literature or philosophical narrative about ideologies or principles. Just make the essay uniquely reflect you, and express your past, your present, and your future from the perspective of a scholar and or a professional practitioner.    


  • The Art of description


While the essay should present your unique personal statement, it should also adopt a descriptive value of what really matters to the admission committee. The committee members do are not interested in your political ideology or personality. All they want to know is your value and relevance to the graduate program. As such, while assuming a personalized approach as a scholar/practitioner, the graduate essay should employ concise description of:


  • Why the program is important and relevant to you
  • Short and long-term goals of your scholarship, practice, and career
  • How the program will serve your needs, goals, and plans
  • Why you are suitable for the program and the likely outcome if enrolled
  • The role and purpose of the degree in your personal, academic, and professional life
  • Previous experiences or occurrences, which prompted your selection of the degree program
  • Justify the choice of that specific school, for that program, to your preferences and life realities



When all is done, avoid using a descriptive language to detail issues that are of no value to the admission committee. Even when you personalize the description, limit your scope to the academic and professional/career dynamics in relation to the program. As such, do not:


  • Incorporate your racial, gender, and socio-political subscriptions
  • State any controversial issue regardless of your stance
  • Volunteered any personal or social details that profile you negatively
  • Make generalist statements of the value of that degree program
  • Plead for an emotive impact as the basis of your application
  • Suggest that the program and or the school are options among available alternatives



  • Precision, Tone, Audience Match, and Passion


Rather than wordy and generalized, a good graduate essay is precise and to the point. It always focuses on a specific academic field, employ discrete examples for illustration, and remains brief but clear. It is a factual statement that must adopt the right tone of a promising student, who is neither ignorant, nor presumptuous.  Always employ the active voice and a formal language, making smooth transitions with attention-grabbing sentence beginnings. Always open with a predictive but precise introduction, and terminate with a concrete conclusion of your personal statement.

The target audience is of academicians. As such, replace all the jargon and industry prompts that practitioners may often use, and address people who have dedicated their careers to the world of academics. This also allows you a few words to highlight why you applied to that specific school, commendably. Rather than use humour, demonstrate passion to contribute to the area of interest with new knowledge. Be clear on what you are interested in, and infiltrate the statements with an underlying commitment for further knowledge in that, and only that area of scholarship. Mention a few current challenges, and thus express your excitement to participate in developing feasible resolution for such challenges.



  • Be Unique yet Relevant

Again, as noted severally above, the graduate essay must be unique to you, personalized to your area of interest, and defined from your perspective as a scholar. It must therefore stand out as unique from the crowd of other applicants under review. It must set you apart, from the essay topic to its coverage to the lingua used, and from the academic standard attained to the logical symmetry of arguments made.

However, even as you pursue that unique identity, remain relevant to the topic under discussion. Highlight the skills, competence, masterly, education background, and experience you have in consonance with your area of interest. Mention your internships, academic achievements, published works, and any other qualifications but only in alignment with your area of interest. Make everything relevant to your goals and plans for the future as a graduate.



  • Promise a Future and Serve a Purpose


The hallmark of a graduate student is understanding the current knowledge base, available for application, and then identifying what is still unknown. Graduate scholarship is pegged on empirical research. As such, the graduate essay should be testament of how you plan to identify, validate, and fill a gap in current knowledge for your specific discipline. The essay must promise your role in expanding knowledge in your area of scholarship, towards the future. The essay is your opportunity to convince the admission committee that you are an important addition to the program, and that you are ready for their guidance in your pending research study.


  • Read, Edit, and Proofread


Finally, when you have created the graduate essay, read it around and listen to the emerging flow and logic. That is exactly what the admission committee will do. During and after the reading process, copy edit all the syntactic, morphological, and semantic errors contained. Then spend some time going through the essay severally, and ensure that there are no spelling, tense, and punctuation errors. Remember that you have to remain within the – or + 10% of the required word length. Do not go below or above this limit in word length.


The proofread copy of the essay should be a perfect representation of the picture you want the committee to have of the applicant. Preferably at a later date before submission, allocate some time to check for tone, style, clarity as well as grammatical mistakes. Be concise, clear, organized, and specific. Present your perspective as a scholar, and the graduate essay is now ready to channel your academic future. Best of luck.


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